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20 Beef Bred Young Bulls 6-10 months.

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TUESDAY 26th JULY 2016. 

CALEDONIAN MARTS LTD, (Tuesday 26th July 2016) Sold 1336 Lambs, Ewes and Tups. 

790 lambs averaged 180.4ppkg, (-3.6ppkg on the week, +44.4ppkg on the year). Top price of the day went to G Whyte, Pett, Muthill for a 1st Prize Winner at Braco show, at £100 purchased by D Gourlay, Butchers, Crieff and to a top of 233ppkg for the same lamb. 

Leading Prices:-

32kg – 39kg Av174ppkg 

Tex X £72 or 185p Standingfauld 

Tex £71.50 or 183p Easter Coates 

Cont £69.50 or 183p Redhall 

Suff £68 Redburn, New Flockhouse 179p 

39.1kg – 45.5 Av181ppkg 

Belt £94 or 209p Cuiltburn 

Tex £90 (twice) or 202p Moor 

Cont £90 or 209p Gelvan View 

Belt X £89 or 205p Meikle Seggie 

Mule £72.50 or 170p Drumnessie 

45.6kg – 52kg Av184.5ppkg 

Tex £97 + £94 or 196p + 194p Moor 

Cont £97 or 198p Bankhead 

HB £91.50 or 189p Easter Coilechat 

Tex X £91 Drumnessie, 191p Meikle Seggie 

Cont £91 4 Pardovan Holdings, 188p Wairds of Alpity 

52kg + Av176.4ppkg 

Cross £96 or 180p Wairds of Alpity 

Tex £96 or 178p Easter Craigduckie 

Suff £93 or 170p Pitcairlie 

Suff X £93 or 166p Welton of Creuchies 

Also forward were 537 Cast Ewes, averaging £67.62 (+£6.34 on the week) and 9 Tups averaging £77. 190 Heavy Ewes averaged £89.23 and export ewes averaged £51.85. Heavy Ewes sold to £142 for Texels from Drimsynie Estate, Lochgoilhead and export ewes sold to £79 twice from D & S Alexander, Millside, Galston and Lawrie & Tillyrie Ltd, Tillyrie, Milnathort. 

Other Leading Prices:-

Tex:- £133 Dyke 

£123 16 Millhall Drive 

£101 Drumcairn 

£100 Easter Coates 

Belt:- £119 Millside 

£105 Cuiltburn 

£97 Easter Ochtermuthill 

Suff:- £97, £96 (twice) + £90 Brockholes 

£88 Drimsynie 

£87 Easter Coates 

Chev:- £79 Tillyrie 

£70 Meikle Seggie 

£67 Mains of Struie 

BFL:- £88 Drimsynie 

Llyen:- £79 + £76 Millside 

BF:- £54 Spinkhill 

£49 Pitcairn 

£46 Wester Tillyrie 


£80 Mauldslie 

£79 Barns

£75 Rhynaclach  


MONDAY 25th JULY 2016

Stirling – Caledonian Marts Ltd sold 348 Store Cattle at their fortnightly sale on Monday 25th July 2016.

191 Bullocks averaged 215ppkg, selling to 271ppkg for Limousins from J & D Mitchell, Offers, Gargunnock and to £1240 for a Charolais from R Brewster & Son, Broom, Stirling.

122 Heifers averaged 210ppkg, selling to 248ppkg for Charolais from J & D Mitchell, Offers, Gargunnock and to £1100 gross for a British Blue from R Dobie, Bencloich, Lennoxtown.

34 Black & White Bullocks averaged 140ppkg, selling to 158ppkg from I McMaster, Knocknain, Stranraer.

Leading Prices:-
Bullocks per Head
£1220 + £1210 Broom
£1160 Bencloich
£1150 Millhall
£1140 Broom
£1100 Graystale & Broom
£1090 Ramoan & Millhall
Heifers per Head
£1100 Bencloich
£1020 + £1000 Glencraigs
£930 Hunterslees House (Strathaven)
£900 (twice) Offers & Glencraigs
£850 Graystale
Bullocks ppkg
270p Girnal
254p Millhall
252p Offers
251p Burnbrae
250p Kepdarroch & Burnbrae
Heifers ppkg
243p Offers & Burnbrae
239p Garelwood
233p Kepdarroch & Graystale
223p Burnbrae & Glenside
222p Glencraigs

Breeding Cattle sold to £1950 for a British Blue Cow with calf from Darnbogue Farms.

Aged Cows & Calves:-
£1220 + £1200 Ardgate
£1080 Lephinmore 



THURSDAY 21st JULY 2016 

152 CATTLE 152
Prime Bullocks Averaged – 211p
Prime Heifers Averaged – 209p
OTM Cattle Averaged – 158p
Beef Cows Averaged – 123p
Dairy Cows Averaged – 95p
Young Bulls Averaged – 174p
Cast Bulls Averaged – 99p 

Caledonian Marts Ltd sold 146 Cattle, comprising of 86 Prime Bullocks & Heifers, 11 Young Bulls, 3 OTM Cattle and 52 Cast Cows & Bulls on Thursday 21st July 2016.

Bullocks sold to 238ppkg for a Limousin from W Dandie & Sons, Learielaw, Broxburn purchased by T Johnston, 6/8 Cow Wynd, Falkirk, and to £1601.30 for a Limousin from JH & NT Turnbull, Meadowend, Clackmannan purchased by W Wales Ltd, Glencairn Ind Est, Kilmarnock. 

Heifers sold to 235ppkg (three times), twice for Limousins from A S Hay, Mains of Cultmalundie, Tibbermore and purchased by D Comrie & Son, Drummond Street, Comrie and T Connor Butchers, 21 West Portland Street and also by JH & NT Turnbull, Meadowend, Clackmannan for an Aberdeen Angus purchased by D Campbell & Son, 28 Ancaster Square, Callander and selling to £1504 for a Limousin from W Dandie & Sons, Learielaw, Broxburn. 

Other Leading Prices:-
Bullock ppkg
230p Learielaw & Seggarsdean
228p Mains of Cultmalundie & Greenbank
225p Mawcarse
222p Balquharrage, Whiteside & Easterton
220p Meadowend
218p Greenbank, Mawcarse, Easterton & Dullomuir
Bullock per Head
£1523 Learielaw
£1509 Mains of Cultmalundie
£1504 Learielaw
£1476 Seggarsdean
£1464 Dullomuir
£1440 Greenbank
£1435 + £1433 Nether Longford
Heifer ppkg
232p Meadowend
228p Learielaw, Annfield & Meadowend
220p Meadowend
218p Annfield, Gartfairn, Urquhart & Balquharrage
Heifer per Head
£1447 Mains of Cultmalundie
£1372 Todhall
£1357 + £1337 Greencraig
£1330 Mains of Cultmalundie
£1303 Taylorton
£1299, £1281 + £1273 Meadowend 

Young Bulls sold to 192ppkg for a Limousin from Kirk & Calvert Smith, Oatfield, Campbeltown and to £1122 for an Aberdeen Angus from D Ralston, Castlehill, Torrance. 

Beef Cows sold to 154ppkg for a Charolias from R McNee, Woodend, Armadale and to £1200 for the same beast. 

Other Leading Prices:-
Beef Cow ppkg
140p + 138p Dyke (MacGregor)
137p Gibsley
135p Inchgall
133p Wester Braco & Woodend
Beef Cow per Head
£1100 Dyke (MacGregor)
£1080 Woodend
£980 Inchgall
£960 Dyke (MacGregor)
£940 Woodend 

Dairy Cows sold to 123ppkg from W A Hume & Co, Easter Clune, Dunfermline and to £960 from J & I Wilson, Carskedo, Cupar. 

Other Leading prices:-
Dairy Cow ppkg
122p Carskedo & Blairmains
115p Gibsley 
113p High Cattadale & Harvieston
Dairy Cow per Head
£860 Easter Clune & Blairmains 
£840 Harvieston
£830 Easter Clune
£780 Gibsley
£740 Cattadale 

Calves (29) included 25 Dairy Bull Calves, 1 Beef Bull Calf and 3 Beef Heifer Calves, selling to £110 for a Luing from J & C I Reade & Sons, Scriob Ruadh, Isle of Mull. Dairy Bull Calves averaged £40, selling to £98 for a British Friesian again from J & C I Reade, Scriob Ruadh, Isle of Mull. Heifer Beef Calves averaged £92, selling to £95.

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MONDAY 25th JULY at 11.30am

300     CATTLE    300

Sale of Store Cattle and Suckled Calves to Include Native Breeds

Monthly Sale of Breeding Cattle

Further details contact John Kyle – 07713 342512


Please note: It would be greatly appreciated

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Friday 5th August 2016 

200+ Small Tools and Implements 

Sale will commence at 10.30am with Small Tools followed by Implements. 

Present entries include... 

MF128 Square Baler, Cooks Bale Sledge, Flat 8 Grab, Ritchie Bale Cage, Round Bale Lifter/Stacker, 6 Ton Grain Trailer, Slewtic 4 Bale Grab, Set of Dual Wheels, 9' Levelling Bar, Canopy & Loadall Cover for Ford Ranger, 2 Bag Fert Spreader Amazone ZA Max. 

For further information contact Oliver Shearman 07730 046252 or Ben Radley 07561 305922



Special Sale of all classes of Store Lambs and Feeding Ewes 

Alastair Logan – 07713 342514

Ronnie MacCormick – 07717 435248 

or Office 01631 570631



Sale of Store Lambs and Feeding Ewes 

Alastair Logan – 07713 342514 

Ronnie MacCormick – 07717 435248  

or Office 01631 570631


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