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CALEDONIAN MARTS LTD, (Tuesday 21st June 2016) Sold 897 Sheep, comprising of 347 Spring Lambs, 282 Prime Hoggets, 27 Sheep and 268 Cast Ewes & Tups.
Included in today’s sale was the Show and Sale of Suffolk Prime Lambs, held in conjunction with the West and Central Suffolk Sheep Club and sponsored by McCaskie Farm Supplies & Allflex. Today’s show was kindly judged by Bill McKinnon of Scotbeef.

Prize List:- 
ChampionW T McCord, Welton of Creuchies43kg 214ppkg £92
Reserve ChampionW Paterson, Golland40kg 195ppkg £78
Suffolk X Any Other Breed (42.5kg onwards)
1stW T McCord, Welton of Creuchies43kg 214ppkg £92
2ndBlyth Brewster, Broom48kg 196ppkg £94
3rdJ Raeside, Linnhead46kg 192ppkg £88.50
Suffolk X Scotch Mule (up to 42kg)
1stW Paterson, Golland40kg 195ppkg £78
2nd D Adamson, Peterhead39kg 180ppkg £70
3rdD Adamson, Peterhead38kg 180ppkg £68
Suffolk X Any Other Breed (up to 42kg)
1stJ Raeside, Linnhead42kg 188ppkg £79
2ndMrs Forrester, Cattlemoss41kg 183ppkg £75
3rdR Wilson, Wairds of Alpity40.5kg 185ppkg £75

Overall sale average for 347 sold was 188.1ppkg (+15p on the week & +31p on the year). 
The sale was topped by R A Campbell & Sons, Meikle Seggie, Milnathort at £100 for an outstanding Texel lamb and to a top of 219ppkg for a pair of outstanding Texel lambs from D Henderson, Auchenrivoch, Kilsyth.
Leading Prices:-
Tex:- £98 + £95 or 212p + 211p Auchenrivoch
Tex X:- £94 Pett, 217p Meikle Seggie
Suff:- £92 Linnhead, 214p Craigend
Cont:- £92 Wester Kepdownie
Suff X:- £90 Carrat, 210p Linnhead
Cont X:- £89 Tillyrie, 210p Linnhead
Mule:- £87.50 or 190p Dyke282 
Hoggets averaged 123ppkg (-1p on the week).

Leading Prices:-Price Per Head
Char:- £66 Upper Auchenlay
Tex:- £63 + £58 Meikle Seggie
Cont:- £60 + £58 Whitecross
Chev:- £58 + £57 South Park
Mule:- £55 Knowehead
BF:- £54 South ParkPence per KG
Belt:- 146p Meikle Seggie
Tex:- 136p Whiteside
Cont:- 132p Whitecross
Cont X:- 139p Glenalmond
Mule:- 137p Whiteside
BF:- £127p Glenalmond

Also forward this week were 268 Cast Ewes & Tups, averaging £63.18 (+£6.04 on the week). 103 Heavy Ewes averaged £82.78 (+12.55p) and 150 Export Ewes averaging £53.63 (+6.39p).
Other Leading Prices:-
Tex:- £115 Drumheldie £108 Wester Crosshill £98 Thorn £93 Harviesmailing & Pett £91 Thorn £90 Craigend
BF:- £63 Bailanstruth £60 Woodlands £59 Drummond £58 Drumheldric £57 Knowehead & West Tandlemuir
Chev:- £69 Rhynaclach £67 Thorn £64 Harviesmailing £60 Craigend
Suff:- £85 Allanfauld £80 Harelaw & Cauldcoates £76 HarelawBel:- £124 Rhynaclach £113 Walton £109 Cauldcoates£88 Rhynaclach
BDM:- £94 Wester Crosshill
Cross:- £69 + £65 Rhynaclach £65 Queenshaugh £64 Rhynachlach & Harviesmailing 

Caledonian Marts's photo.




196 CATTLE 196
Prime Bullocks Averaged – 206p
Prime Heifers Averaged – 205p
OTM Cattle Averaged – 164p
Beef Cows Averaged – 120p 
Dairy Cows Averaged – 105p
Young Bulls Averaged – 165p
Cast Bulls Averaged – 104p

Caledonian Marts Ltd sold 196 Cattle, comprising of 102 Prime Bullocks & Heifers, 28 Young Bulls and 66 Cast Cows & Bulls on Thursday 16th June 2016.

Bullocks sold to 240ppkg for a Limousin from T H Gray, Blaquharrage, Lennoxtown purchased by G Kirk & Son, 30 Stirling Road, Denny and to £1560 for a Limousin from D Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie, purchased by W Wales Ltd, Glencairn Ind Est, Kilmarnock.

Heifers sold to 238ppkg for a Charolais from A S Hay, Mains of Cultmalundie, Tibbermore purchased by H A Black & Sons, Unit 10, Whiteside Ind Est, West Lothian and to £1441 for a Limousin from D Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie, purchased by W Wales Ltd, Glencairn Ind Est, Kilmarnock.

Other Leading Prices:- 
Bullocks ppkg:- 234p Brockwoodlees
229p Mains of Cultmalundie
228p Brockwoodlees
226p Mains of Cultmalundie
224p West Woodlane & Flemington
222p Learielaw, Blaquharrage & West Woodlane
220p Learielaw
218p Learielaw & Meadowend
216p Millearnie, Brockwoodlees & Balquharrage
Bullock/head:- £1475 Brockwoodlees
£1464 + £1457 Learielaw
£1440 Blackhall
£1429 Greencraig
£1425 Mains of Cultmalundie
£1422 Meadowend
£1413 Learielaw
£1400 Brockwoodlees (Twice)
£1399 Geencraig
£1384 Mains of Cultmalundie
£1382 Meadowend
£1378 Learielaw
Heifer ppkg:- 230p Mains of Cultmalundie
228p Brockwoodlees & Flemington
222p Brockwoodlees
220p Meadowend
216p Whiteside
215p Easterton
212p Meadowend
210p Meikle Seggie
Heifer/head:- £1381 Brockwoodlees
£1367 Mains of Cultmalundie
£1251 Meadowend
£1247 Mains of Cultmalundie
£1219 Whiteside

Young Bulls sold to 194ppkg for a Limousin from I W Brisbane & Sons, South Woodlane, Blairdrummond and to £1339 for a Limousin from JH & NT Turnbull, Meadowend, Clackmannan.

Other Leading Prices:-
YB ppkg:- 190p Meadowend (Lim)
188p Lochend (Char) (Twice)
188p Mains of Burnbank (Lim)
188p Meadowend (Lim)
187p South Woodlane (Lim)
YB/head:- £1279 + £1196 Lochend
£1189 Meadowend
£1140 + £1129 Mains of Burnbank

Beef Cows sold to 162ppkg for a Limousin from JF & MB Teague, Temple House, Balerno and to £1470 for a Limousin again from the same home.

Dairy Cows sold to 122ppkg from W Hamilton & Sons, Meldrum, Stirling and to £950 for the same beast.

Other Leading Prices:-
Beef Cow/head:-£1260 Mains of Throsk
£1050 + £1040 Temple House
£1020 Dalfoil
£970 Greencraig
£950 Lenaig
£930 + £910 Gillandersland
£890 Greencraig & Pleanmill
Beef Cow ppkg:- 157p Temple House
142p Shielmill
141p Temple House
137p Greencraig & New Peniver (Campelltown) 
135p Pleanmill
134p Gillandersland
132p Greencraig
Dairy Cow/head:- £780 Wester Lochdrum
£770 North Mains
£760 Meldrum
£750 Muircot
£740 Meldrum
Dairy Cow ppkg:- 121p Wester Lochdrum
113p, 108p + 105p Meldrum
104p Muircot


TUESDAY 14th JUNE 2016

Caledonian Marts Ltd sold 1072 Sheep, comprising of 585 Spring Lambs, 245 Prime Hoggets, and 242 Cast Ewes & Tups.

A good show of lambs forward for numbers followed the National trend, being easier on the week. Lambs sold to a top of 202ppkg for a pen of 43kg Texels from W S Young & Son, Mawcarse, Milnathort and to a top of £93 for a 48kg Beltex from J Gilvear & Sons, Graystale, Stirling.

SQQ Av for 521 – 175p (-26p on the week)

Leading Prices:-
Cont - £88 Arnprior, 190p Meikle Seggie
Belt - £87 + £85 or 198p Mawcarse
Suff X - £87.50 Welton of Creuchies, 194p Graystale
Tex - £87 Welton of Creuchies, 190p Easter Coates
Zwar - £86 Greystone, 151p Three Views
Tex X - £85 Auchenrivoch, 189p Three Views
Suff - £84 or 175p Arnbeg
Mule - £77 or 167p Drumnessie

Hoggets sold to a top of 151ppkg for Texels from R Sibbald, Thorn, Dollar and to £82 from J D Mackie, Wester Boards, Kilsyth.

Leading Prices:-
Tex - £80 Thorn, 144p Meikle Seggie
Suff - £75 Bankhead, 138p Thorn
Cont - £73 Thorn, 144p Whiteside
Belt - £72 Whitecross, 140p Whiteside
BF- £54.50 or 131p Whiteside

Also forward this week were 226 Cast Ewes, averaging £57.14, (-9.17p on the week) 80 Heavy Ewes averaged £70.23 and 112 Export Ewes averaged £47.24 and 10 Tups averaged £80.20.

Other Leading Prices:-
Tex:- £96 Gilmeadowsland
£90 Ayton (Twice)
£89 Mains of Struie
£88 Ayton
£87 Craigend
BFL:- £91 Eorrabus
Chev:- £62 Bankhead
£60 Balliemartin
£54 Findatie
Suff:- £88 Eorrabus
£85 Ayton
£75 Nether Strathkinnes
£73 Mains of Struie
Belt:- £86 Mawcarse
Cross:- £67 Craigend
£67 Thirds
£67 Pirnhall (Twice)
£65 Graystale & Thirds
£63 Bankhead
BF:- £56 Nether Strathkinnes
£51 Bankhead & Whistlebrae
£50 Dollarbank & Seaton Bros

Suff:- £95 Balliemartin
BF:- £74 Thorn
Tex:- £103 Westfield



MONDAY 13th JUNE 2016

Caledonian Marts Ltd sold 319 Store Cattle, 7 Cows with Calves and 145 Ewes with Lambs at Foot.

203 Bullocks averaged 223ppkg, selling to 284ppkg for a pen of Limousin from A McDowall & Son, Mid Ervie, Kirkcolm and to £1090 for a British Blue from A McKenzie & Partners, Ardgate, Gartocharn.

104 Heifers averaged 202ppkg, selling to 244ppkg for a pen of Limousin from M Campbell, Glenstockdale, Stranraer, and to £1060 for the same beast.

12 Bulls averaged 136ppkg, selling to 203ppkg for a pen of Limousin from W I & A S Callion, Balfornought, Stirling, and to £1100 for a Charolais from J Findlay, Redhouse, Blackburn.

Leading Prices:-
Bullock ppkg:-
282p Spouthead
271p New Peniver (Campbelltown)
264p + 248p Kindrochaid (Islay)
247p Camreggan
243p Shieldrum & Kilmeny (Islay)
239p Mid Ervie

£1070 Glenstockdale & Graystale
£1060 Glenstockdale
£1050 Glenstockdale & Graystale
£1040 Inchie
£1020 Glenstockdale & Immeroin
£1000 Ardgate

Heifer ppkg:-
232p Graystale
226p Mid Ervie
222p + 220p Camreggan
219p Graystale
218p + 216p Camreggan
215p + 214p New Peniver
212p Kilmeny

£1050 Inchie
£980 Camreggan
£970 Glenstockdale
£910 High Belltrees
£880 Glenstockdale
£860 New Peniver
£840 Cabbagehall

7 Cows with Calves at foot sold to £1140 for an Aberdeen Angus from L Black & Co, Lephinmore, Campbelltown.

Other Leading Prices:-
£1080 Scart Farm
£980 Daltippan
£920 Armore

Ewes with Lambs at foot sold to a top of £82.50 per head for a cracking pen of Cheviot Ewes with Single Lambs from R J Kinnaird, Findatie, Scotlandwell. 
Other Leading Prices:-
Hoggets with Singles:- £154 + £152 Gibbleston (Mule)
Ewes with Twins:- £168 Findatie (Chev)
£116 Wester Pirleyhill (Cross)
Hoggs with Singles:- £112 Blairmains (Chev X)
Gimmers with Singles:- £102 Roseheath (Swale)


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MONDAY 27th JUNE 2016  

200     Sale of Store Cattle     200 

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TUESDAY 5th JULY 2016 

Show & Sale of Texel Prime Lambs 

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Special Sale of all classes of Store Lambs and Feeding Ewes 

Alastair Logan – 07713 342514

Ronnie MacCormick – 07717 435248 

or Office 01631 570631



Sale of Store Lambs and Feeding Ewes 

Alastair Logan – 07713 342514 

Ronnie MacCormick – 07717 435248  

or Office 01631 570631


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